Pussy Scratches Back

Pussy Scratches Back

Scratch Out Putin

Scratch Out Putin

Scratch Out Covid

Scratch Out Covid

Scratch Out Putin

Put Putin where he belongs… behind bars.

Help Ukrainian refugees rebuild their lives in safety and dignity. We donate to the international relief agency, HAIS with Every. Single. Scratch.

100% sustainable materials • organic catnip toy surprise inside • double-wide & double sided • women owned • patent pending design • crafted with love in the USA • powering the progressive causes with Every. Single. Scratch.

Just $22
(because Mexico won’t pay for these either)

Jailbird Scratchers

Swap out bad guys with ease.

Jan 6 Pack

The six insurrectionists who nearly destroyed the Republic: Greene, Giuliani, Bannon, Stone, Flynn, Powell, & Q Shamin.

Jailbird Scratcher sold separately.
Have at ’em pussycats!


Cats go Crazy

Our gift with every monthly scratch deal.
Lasers also sold separately.

Our Cats Des & Das

Our Inspiration

As an activist – public artist, I’ve spent two decades working to drive systemic change.

But when COVID hit, I found myself sheltering-in-place with my kiddos, feeling utterly powerless. We decided to heal ourselves by adopting two Russian Blue kittens.

One day, as we watched Des & Das shred a cardboard scratcher, my daughter grumbled: “Mama, I so wish we could just scratch out 2020.” Amen to that.

And with that spark, our humble kitchen table business was born.

Our Activism

Support paws-on-the-ground change agents with Every. Single. Scratch.

Last winter, we launched Vote Tree in Georgia, an interactive public art installation to help flip the Senate. Our GOTV effort helped our partner Block Power deliver 24.4K votes! Check out our live-art activation featured in Reverend Warnock’s IG feed the night before the election, as well as the Season 6 premiere of Showtime’s The Circus.

We also donate to the progressive causes you care about, including covid and refugee relief efforts.

Thank you for helping us create a world that lives up to your ideals.

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Our Eco Commitment

We’re committed to positive environmental stewardship. Our eco-friendly scratchers are good for you, good for kitty, and good for the planet.

We use waste paper and virgin kraft pulp derived from sustainably managed forests. We use non-toxic ink and glue which is mostly just water and cornstarch. Cardboard scraps are upcycled to handcraft the catnip toy surprise inside.

We source our materials from nearby family-owned and operated manufacturers, resulting in less waste, less transit pollution, and stronger, more vibrant communities.

Our scratchers are 100% biodegradable and recyclable. When kitty’s made mincemeat of bag guys, recycle or compost. The earth will thank you for it.

Let’s Connect

Thoughts? Custom orders? Give us a shout.